Building a new home is more enjoyable when you know what to expect next. At 5AB Homes, our service – from first meeting to final inspection – genuinely supports the dreams you have when it comes to this experience.

We work hard to make sure that our customers enjoy every step in the process. Say hello to happy memories

Our build process starts the moment you bestow upon us the responsibility of fulfilling your dream of having a house. We embark upon discovering your wants, needs, and wishes for the new home; reviewing home designs and construction process. Our consultations with architects begin from this stage. The team of experts in our company selects the architect partner. They visit the site to review it. Based on their evaluation of the plot they advise on designs that best fit the goals and budget of the owner

Next comes budgeting. We work on every nuance of the construction process to undertake as detailed budgeting as possible so that our customers can have a clear understanding of the expense they need to incur. We also arrange for financial assistance for our customers so that they need not have to take the botheration of searching for right financer and suitable terms and conditions. Then starts the construction process which involves securing permits and site preparation. At this stage, we will schedule the project and communicate a tentative timeline to the customer

We will also engage Interior Designers from this stage so that the requirements of interior decorations are taken care of right from the construction stage. As the home takes shape, we will invite our client to visit and have a look. They can suggest changes at this phase. Our team of experts inspects the construction process for its quality and longevity. We handover the house when it is complete in every respect. The owner just has to move in with his or her family and start living a life which they had dreamt for a long time

However, this association does not end with the construction and handing over of the custom-crafted house. For any issues or problems, we are at the back and call of our clients. Our customer- service team is there either for consultation or for registering any kind of complaints. We will ensure that the problem gets resolved within a short span of time