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Universal Design Is What Most Home Owners Prefer – Here’s Why?

It is important to design your dream home where you can live comfortably and safely for years to come. Of course, it’s your dream home after all. It should be designed to last for many years. In recent times, many smart homeowners are planning to build a home that must accommodate their mobility challenges as they age gracefully as you do.

Also, customers prefer to install this design during their build to match the different generation habitants. If you have any elderly or disabled people or people with mobility issues, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider this approach. 

  • Accidents can happen anytime and it is utterly inevitable. Whether someone in the home is disabled, elderly or any people can use the features of the home in the same fashion. Your home will be accessible to any family or friends who have mobility issues.
  • Flexibility is what this design offers and the spaces within the home can be used for multiple purposes or even be redesigned for different activities.
  • The design is simple and safe for everyone. Everything in the home is easy to use, and where you expect them to be. This is especially relevant for light switches with the right placement and usability.
  • Also, the cost of a universal home design is affordable than expensive renovation projects where you can save money.
  • This design adds value to your home, making it more appealing to a wider audience including the potential buyers whom you would like to sell.

Bottom Line

The best way to create a universal home design is to think about the accessibility concerns during your building process, and consult it with an expert home builder. By doing so, your home will be custom-tailored to meet your needs and will accommodate your futuristic upgrades.

 Over to You

At 5AB homes, we help you plan your custom home. To discuss with our consultants, call 1300 000 522 today.

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Check Out These Awe-Inspiring Living Room Ideas

If you’re looking for a way to decorate your living room or restyle your sitting room, we have some interesting and decorative ideas to make your lounge room more elegant. When it comes to designing your living room, many things come into consideration like the space available, the colours to be used, furniture, and accessories that you want to fit. If you’re having larger rooms, strategic use of space is crucial.  Also, the carpets you place, furniture can help to create a balanced environment, which is comfortable for people to spend time in. In case, if there is space constraint, using the space with right colour schemes for the walls, minimal furnishings can deliver a relaxing atmosphere. Let’s see some of them.

 Country style living rooms

If you prefer to install a country style living room, you can design with traditional features like a large brick-built fireplace; timber roof ceilings, and embellished carpets, plain wooden floors can contribute a fair share of country style to your living room.

 Minimalist living rooms

 Minimalist rooms are gaining popularity because of their simplicity and clutter-free atmosphere. Warm textures and earthy tones can bring depth to minimalist space.

 Classic living rooms

A classic living room is usually more spacious and has abundant natural light. Classic type designs have large seating, subtle colours, and unique decorations. You can also add flowers to any classical living room, which will add warmth and lightness to the arrangement.

 Rustic style living rooms

Rustic style living rooms are generally large, spacious and inviting. This type of style is perfect for a cosy evening and for enjoying chill weather. Large windows and decorative curtains, brick fireplaces, wooden floors, along with impressive timber beams will create a more dramatic living space where the whole family can spend some quality time together.

 Modern living rooms

Modern living rooms combine the style of minimalist and classic designs. Refreshing with simplicity, this highlights natural beauty with pure white walls and muted tones.

 Bottom Line

If you are looking for inspirations to design your living room, let our professionals from 5AB Homes help you. For appointments, call 1300 000 522.

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What Should Your Home be Like? Tips to Choose the Perfect Design

Well, choosing the home design is one of the exciting processes in your home building journey. Whether you need a backyard patio or a kitchen garden, the house design that you choose will help you create lovable and long-lasting memories. You can even take references from the internet or visit different portfolios and floor plans to finalise what exactly you want, and how you want your house to look like.

 Consider these factors that’ll help you make the decision much better. Where should the rooms be located? How many bathrooms do you need? Do you need extra bedrooms for your guests and friends?

When choosing a home design, ensure that your family member’s needs and future lifestyle changes will be accommodated.  This could mean to have a large patio for parties or spacious or private bedrooms for your friends and guests. Whatever the house design that you select, make sure it meets your expectations.

 Consider these key elements

Bedrooms – If you’re party host and would like to call friends for a sleepover, consider the number of bedrooms that you would like to have in your home, whether open or adjacent type rooms.

 Bathrooms – Regardless of the size of the family, choose how many bathrooms do you need?  Does everyone in your family need to use the bathroom at the same time or want a private bathroom to be comfortable? 

Privacy – How important is privacy for you? Would like to have private master bedrooms for you? 

Office/Hobby Space – Would someone in your family need a private extra space to do their office work or hobbies like painting or other artwork? 

When you consider these key elements and finalise what you actually want, your home builder would be able to design a layout that works for you. 

Decide The Location

This often dictates the type of house that you’re able to build. For example, if you prefer an independent single-family house in the countryside, you can have a large backyard for a garden, playing games or simply taking your dog for a walk with a large house design. However, if you like to enjoy in a city, consider going for a township community where you enjoy the space with every essential amenity within the walking distance. 

Floor plan

How do you want to design your home? Consider researching the right floor plan that meets your home design. Do you prefer to have a traditional house or an entirely different modern house design?  Ensure the design you select should match the current lifestyle that you’re leading and also the furnishings that you already have. Also, you must ensure that the home you’re building must give freedom and space to continue with the everyday activities, just like you do in your current home. 

Bottom Line

Selecting a home design is a tedious process. However, if you put some thoughts and make use of the above points, you will surely be able to build your dream home with perfection. 

If you’re looking for a reliable custom home builder to help you with home design, talk with consultants at 5AB Homes on 1300 000 522.

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Buying Vs. Building Consider Our Tips before Deciding

Planning a dream home? If so, you will be left with two wonderful options- i.e. either buy an existing custom home or build a new home as per your plan. This may seem quite daunting to decide. Statistics reveal that the cost of buying a customised single-family house was around $223,000 in Aug 2019. Is it cheaper to build a home or buy a custom one? Which can be a better investment? If you’re confused to make the decision; here are some insights to help you proceed with dream home journey.

Building A home

The cost of buying a new home in Melbourne may be high and wildly vary from location to location. However, you might be surprised to know how much you can save when you plan to build your home. Yes, you read it right. When building your home, all your wants and needs are thoroughly met by a custom home builder and the custom home builder may give numerous home plans and discounts to attract buyers like you, where you will get exposed to options that fit under your bill.

There are many perks associated with building a home and they are

  • When building a new home, you get to install everything new. Also, there will be less air filtration, more insulation, and better HVAC equipment to lower energy consumption, and increased comfort than an already existing home.
  • You can also implement your home design and style into your new home. And, you don’t have to spend dollars on remodeling the existing home.
  • The materials used in building home constructions can come with different toxic levels and can be unhealthy. So, you must discuss with your home builder to use reclaimed natural materials in the construction process.

Now that you have an idea about the advantages of building a home, let’s see the benefits of buying a home.

Buying a new home or a pre-existing one comes with benefits:

  • On the whole, it is convenient and ready to occupy. The process and time to build a home are quite long and you don’t have to wait to buy an already existing home. All you need to do is, enquire about the property, visit the neighbourhood, perform a background check, discuss with the seller and decide accordingly.
  • Another best thing about buying a home is that you can decide on the location you desire to live. For example, you can able to choose an attractive neighbourhood with access to nearby amenities like schools, hospitals, and public transport system.

Bottom Line

So, when it comes to deciding to buy an existing home or building a new home, consider your budget and requirements, and make use of the above tips to make a sound decision.

At 5AB homes, we help you plan your custom home. To discuss with our consultants, call 1300 000 522 today.

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Explore the Popular Kitchen Trends 2020

Kitchen is the place where most house owners, guests spend their time, trying out new dishes, slurping, and socialising. Moreover, it is the focal point of the home. So, you must ensure to tell your custom home builder about your kitchen design preferences. As technology has paved the way for the rise of modern homes, planning a kitchen design is vital. With various modular kitchens, smart kitchens stepping in the market, there are a variety of options to choose from. Moreover, nowadays, people look for minimal designs with natural light becoming an aspect of their overall kitchen design. Here, we have come up with popular kitchen trends, which might be useful for designing your kitchen in 2020.

Smart Kitchens


Technology in its full force had given rise to smart kitchens. When we say smart kitchen, it’s not just about the luxury faucets and cabinets, it’s about the functionality, and the efficiency it offers. Now, with the help of the smart kitchen, you can integrate the function of every kitchen appliance right from the refrigerator to the lighting, with voice commands and automatic on-off settings. You can thoroughly enjoy cooking in a smart kitchen. Also, the advent of smart gadgets and other kitchen devices is an added convenience for homeowners like you.

Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to a kitchen cabinet, people preferred white colour for its luxurious and homely appeal for decades. As we are in 2020, dark colour kitchen cabinets are gaining its popularity with subtle colours like plum, black, dark blue, and emerald-green portray full-on elegance and deep luxurious setup for your kitchen model. Choosing these types of colours for your kitchen would enhance its curb appeal to a great extent.


Hardwood floors are always popular in the kitchen. But quite recently, the Ceramic tile flooring has out beaten the competition, and many house owners now prefer ceramic tile flooring to make their kitchen set up look great. It comes with a variety of interesting patterns, where you can choose the floor type to match your wall paint colour.

Design Elements & Storage

When choosing the design elements, people are looking for minimal design elements to make their kitchen appear larger and brighter. You can streamline the design elements, and the storage spaces to keep your kitchen functional and easy. One of the basic foundations for an active kitchen is storage. If you don’t get it right, you will face endless frustrations. To put an end to this, you can organise your storage cabinet by using dividers and drawers to give space for your cutlery and utensils, use roll-out trays to keep your spice boxes, tissue papers, small spoons, and other essentials in a better way.

Backsplash Tiles

With small white back splash tiles are long gone; nowadays people look for big, textured back splashes for their kitchen. These come in different patterns and textures and are gaining popularity rapidly. You can include interesting back splash tiles to match your counter tops and kitchen flooring.

Bottom Line

We hope this upcoming kitchen trends 2020 will serve its best for your new custom home construction. By applying any of these trends, you are sure to have a beautiful kitchen that is functional and super-classy.

Are you looking for the best custom home builder in Melbourne? Find your way to 5AB homes, your trusted home builder in Melbourne. For details, reach us at 1300 000 522 today.

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What to Consider Before Buying a Land?

Finding a perfect piece of land comes with many considerations. Perhaps it is every individual’s dream to own a block of land. All it takes is the right approach, research, and investment. Buying land is a great investment, therefore it is essential to have professional guidance from a home builder to reap the benefits. In this blog, we tell you what to look for when buying a land.


5ab homes

It is perhaps one of the most important things to consider while buying. You must examine the nearest amenities like schools, hospitals, and public transport close by to the property that you’re buying. Also, discuss with the local council authority to verify any natural risks like a forest fire, cyclone, or flood risks associated with the location you select. This will save you from unforeseen losses.

Consult with zoning regulations about your property to check whether the property that you choose has any restrictions like, any plans to build a highway or other large infrastructure through your or your nearby block.

Check Your Land’s Soil Quality

Soil quality greatly impacts the foundation of your new build. Also, if you prefer to have a front yard garden, checking the soil quality and composition can help you decide better. You can get the help of a local engineer to test the quality of the soil before you finalise the land selection.


One of the popular orientations is the north-facing build. It allows the sunlight to enter your house and helps in reducing your utility bills. Also, consider where to fix your windows as it has a huge impact on your electricity bills. It is good to plan the placement of windows and rooms before purchasing your land. It not only helps in reducing utility bills but also helps to build an energy-efficient house.

Buying land is an exciting experience; the amount of research and the professional guidance from a custom home builder will make the process easier and better. To avoid the stress, you can also go for house and land packages from reputed building companies.

Planning to build a home? Find your perfect home at 5AB Homes. Whether you’re looking for a new home design or planning to build a custom home from scratch, call us on 1300 000 522.

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Ways to Maximise Your Luxury Home’s Resale Value

Luxury homes are a great investment. Even if you do plan not to sell, it will be a part of your overall net worth. So, when building a luxury home, you must keep in mind that, the features you add, the location you build would bring a great resale value. When you work with a custom home builder to create a luxury home, you can personalize every detail that meets your dream home expectations. From the flooring to the outdoor features, every element that you add in your home, matters.

To explain in simple words, the elements that are used should captivate the attention of potential buyers. Things like a spectacular flower garden, swimming pool, a private master bedroom, guest’s suite, luxury bathrooms, would be a luxury addition. All these features play a major role in determining the resale value of your luxury home.

Choose a Prime Location

Along with how beautiful your luxury home could look, what matters is the location you select. As you know, Melbourne and Sydney are the top cities in Australia for living; you can confidently trust the location before building. Also, when choosing your ideal home location, you must ensure that it has all the essential amenities with a closer proximity.

Build a Luxury Home With Curb Appeal

When it comes to buying, custom-built homes are widely preferred by buyers. This is what makes it challenging and you need to build a home that is attractive from the exterior to interior. Whether you opt for a farmhouse style or a transitional model, ensure it has a great deal of space, so that you can design your unique touches that are attractive and benefit the family who will be living in the future. You can also greatly increase the ROI by enhancing the curb appeal simply by using combinations of solid rocks, timber wood slacks, and glass in vertical and horizontal panels. It would immensely elevate the look of your luxury home.

Make The Right Design Selection

New Home Design

The design of your luxury home is a crucial element to consider. To improve the resale value of your home, opt for a floor plan with timeless and elegant features. You must check whether your home has features like a split-level floor plan, great view, energy-saving, privacy, and storage. All these design elements should be properly balanced to design a custom luxury home.

If you are in the design building process, take time to determine your custom home’s appraisal in the future. It is good to consult it with a custom home builder or a luxury home expert, for they know everything that attracts potential home buyers. Finally, the investment is all yours, a meaningful approach and working with an experienced custom builder will bring a great ROI for your custom home.

Are you looking for the best luxury custom home builder in Melbourne? Find your way to 5AB homes, the luxury home builder in Melbourne. For details, reach us at 1300 000 522 today.  

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How To Address Your Style Needs With Building Professionals?

Planning to build a dream home? Building a dream home can be an exciting and overwhelming process. If you have selected your building company, you need to do a little preparation before the meeting. We recommend you to have a list of options and design ideas, where you can show it to your custom home builder during the meeting.

Moreover, it is good to have a clear and concise visualisation about your dream home. This makes the home builder to make the design process easier and helps deliver the results that you expect. Here, we have come up with some points that help you to have a successful and productive home building discussion.

Prepare Your List

It is quite natural to have a set of ideas that you want to reflect in your dream home. So, while preparing the list, take time to brainstorm all your preferences and highlight the exclusions or dislikes if any. It makes the design process more streamlined and enables your design professional to understand better. You can pour out all your creative thoughts and dislikes on the list before the meeting. This will aid in increasing your confidence and satisfaction with your dream home from scratch.

Visualise Your Dream

You must communicate your thoughts and ideas through visual images. Whether you have got your home inspiration from an internet resource or from a magazine, it is best to keep those images compiled and organised in a book. It delivers what you have in your mind, and will help the designer to understand how you have envisioned your dream home. As a result, the process will happen on a faster note.

Be Specific

While visualising, you may want to include all your inclinations. However, you can’t put everything in one place. You must narrow down your choices and see what the purpose of having them. You can also mention or add a few points about what you love in them, and where you want to include this design in your space. This greatly helps the designer to embark on your building process confidently.

The design process can be daunting, but if you make your ideas clear and follow the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to step on a happier dream home building journey. 

For more details about new home construction, contact 5AB Homes at 1300 000 522 today.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Home Builder

One of the most important decisions you will ever make is building your dream home. To make your dream come true, you need a reliable home builder. Because, in the end, all you want is to sit and enjoy peacefully in your home without having any worries. To make your dream home a successful one, we recommend that you should not choose less than the right fit that you deserve. Many things are worth considering while choosing a perfect custom home builder, and we have shortlisted a few that would help embark your building journey in the right way.


When you plan to hire a home builder, you will be loaded with numerous options. Before putting a tick mark, you need to look at the quality of their work. You can always rely on their portfolio and see their quality of work through their completed projects. Asking your friends or relatives who have worked with them already will also help you to decide right.

 Quality Is Key

The longevity of your home starts from a solid foundation, so, you must ensure that your builder uses quality products. By doing so, your home will stay stronger and will be devoid of any critical structural problems.


Asking a lot of questions will not only clear doubts but also ensures that you are moving with the right choice. The right builder will help you understand their house plans, work nature, the products they use, and the people who will be working for your project, and their successful accomplishments. They must let you ask questions even if it is a no-brainer, and that is where you can discover a trustworthy builder.


In most cases, people get annoyed if the builder does not respond or take a long time to respond. This may be a sign that you will experience frustration and disagreements throughout the process. To make your process streamlined, your builder and your communication should go well and should be in the right sync. 

 Also, your builder’s team must be able to suggest products and designs that fit your lifestyle. On top of that, they must fit your budgetary requirements and promise to stay with the timeline. This is one of the important aspects to consider while choosing a builder.

 Following these tips, you can begin your home building journey peacefully. For more details about new home construction, contact 5AB Homes at 1300 000 522 today.

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Designing Custom Homes for Today’s Lifestyle

Custom homes are rapidly gaining popularity among people, and are largely preferred for their flexibility and choice. When it comes to building your dream home, custom homes would be perfect to meet your styles and needs. These are unique, one-of-a-kind, and are designed from scratch.

From the initial drawing to final sketches, you can make your home well-designed. By hiring a custom home builder, you can create an active space. If you have children or grandparents at home, these custom-built homes can be a better option as well.

Here, we have mentioned some areas that would make your home more functional, futuristic, and flexible.


As the kitchen is the central part of the home, it should be spacious and flexible. When you design the kitchen more friendly and spacious, it would benefit you in numerous ways, you can even skip having a separate dining room. By combining your kitchen and the dining room, you can make your space multi-functional, and super easy to serve food for your guests and family.

 Living Room

The key to a perfect living room lies with the floor plan. You can make your living room more flexible by understanding the flow of traffic and access to other rooms. Understanding your purpose would help designing more easier. Whether you use it every day with your family or use it when your guest comes over. You must set the space according to your purpose, and can succeed in making your room more functional. If you have a smaller living space, installing some portable and flexible furniture would be more helpful, as it makes the room spacious and multi-functional.


Bedrooms should be a comfy place to unwind in peace. So, ensure to keep it away from all the hustle and bustle of your home. You can also locate the bedroom, where you get some natural light to fall in. Also, when it is outfitted with dress closets in the halfway, you can save some space.

 Wash Room

Give yourself a favorite getaway by making your bathroom more spacious and convenient. If you have a large family, having a spacious bathroom with storage cabinets and sinks would be helpful. Also, having a take on non-slip flooring will reduce the risk of unexpected falls. 

Based on your specific needs, think whether a walk-in or sit-down shower would work well in your space. In terms of its look and feel, you can make your bathroom future-proofed with creamy tones and flexible sanitary wares. Also, consider the height you want your cupboards or storage cabinets to be fixed. Install them on an easy to reach location to access easily.

By designing a custom house matching today’s lifestyle, you can save space, and become an active family. To start designing your custom-built dream home, contact our design experts at 5AB Homes on 1300 000 522.

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