Building A Double Storey Home? – Things You Need To Know

Double-storey houses are a preferable option for many for its impressive outlook and multiple living options. Building a double-storey house needs a proper floor plan and the right builder to help you achieve what you want.  Moreover, your floor plan is one of the important aspects that greatly helps in assembling things as you intend. With a double-storey house, you can have all the essential rooms built on a smaller lot. It is perhaps one of the reasons for people to have a double-storey house.

By carefully selecting your home design and consulting with a building professional will help you in a long way. Here, we help you with some essential things that you must consider when building a double-storey house.

Number of Occupants

Excited Family Carrying Boxes Into New Home On Moving Day

It is essential to understand your family size when you plan a double-storey house. Are you going to have your parents along with you? Do you have guests visiting your home regularly? You can talk to your builders about your preferences and make the easy to reach and high traffic rooms downstairs, and you can have separate rooms for your children, friends, and guests at the top. By doing this way, you can enjoy your privacy and enable more space for your guests.

Determine Your Land Size

The space that you have for a double-storey house is one of the factors that take part in the design of your home.  With a double-storey floor plan, you will have more space in the backyard for your children to play and can use your front yard for gardening purposes.  By determining your land size, you can utilise the extra space for your various needs.

Proximity & Cost

Location is an important factor. Also, seek the essential amenities like top schools, hospitals, grocery stores, clinics, and colleges. By having all these at nearby proximity will have a greater value and when you intend to sell, it will go for a higher resale cost. Many would assume that building a double-storey house would be double the cost of a single storey house. Though it is expensive to construct, you can opt for a small lot that is available and consult it with building professionals to reduce the costs wherever possible.

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3 Mistakes To Avoid While Building Your Dream Home

Are you planning to build your dream home? Well, building a dream home is an exciting process. Finally, after all those years of hard work, you step to give your dream home a shape. After giving so much consideration and thoughts on how you are going to make your dream come true, you have many things to discover along the way. Here, in this blog, we aid with some mistakes that you must avoid when you build your dream home.

Poor Space Planning

Poor space planning often puts you in an inconvenient situation and proves to be costly in the long run. When you are planning for a large house, space planning is essential. It should respect your land space, meet your present and future lifestyles, and offer more space to get togethers and house parties. You must take your time to research all these things with an architect or engineer for effective results. When you consider the house design and understanding the land space will help you design your dream home. Working with a home builder or a contractor will take this entire headache from you and you can have a beautiful home.

Consider Your Lighting Needs

Your house should have sufficient lighting fixtures and windows. Proper airing and a good amount of lighting fixtures will enhance the house’s beauty. In addition, windows bring in the natural light during the day, so you do not turn on any light. This would greatly help you in reducing your electricity bill.

Cut Down the Under-Utilized Rooms

This happens when you have additional rooms that you have planned for your workout purpose or painting or work of any kind, the thing is you do not use them regularly and keep them abandoned for months. When you design your home, you must understand and ask yourself whether you need it, or else you would end having an under-utilised room.

At 5AB Homes we strive to build sustainable & eco-friendly homes ideal for growing families and individuals. Contact us to get started with building your green home with 5AB Homes.

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Benefits of Establishing Sustainable Homes

Sustainable homes are attached to their natural environment as they blend eco-friendly materials and processes. The apartments are not just stylishly beautiful, but they also accompany the following 5 environmental, economic and social benefits.

1. Energy and Water Efficient

How might you want to bring down your service charges and even have the capacity to “live off the lattice”? Green building significantly reduces reliance on non-inexhaustible sources, which are costly and significant contributors to environmental pollution.

energy efficient home

2. Low Operating Costs

With development systems to guarantee the effective utilization of energy and water, it bodes well that the working expenses of economical homes are decreased. Improved daylight in your entire home, environmentally-friendly, and solar lighting are only a couple of the cash-saving alternatives.

eco friendly home

3. Diminished Environmental Footprint

Establishing long-lasting homes extensively decreases your ecological footprint. For instance, consider the simple undertaking of replacing the decking or carpet after a few years. Throwing the old substances away contributes to landfills, and new materials must be sourced, prepared, delivered, and fixed. 

long lasting home

4. Expanded Property Value

The ecologically conscious pattern for green structure has overflowed into market esteem, for homeowners. Lately, various industry researches reviewed that green homes are leading to higher resale values all over the country. Numerous purchasers see the “must-haves” supportable features. Thus green homes are likewise selling a lot quicker than their partners.

Cost Effective home

5. Happier and Healthier Living

Indoor air quality is of enormous significance for your wellbeing, and green home structures have brought items that utilize low or no Volatile Organic Compound. As a result, items such as adhesives, cleaners, and paints have less dangerous chemicals. An example is formaldehyde, which is an outstanding human cancer-causing agent.

Besides decreasing harmful substances, green living lessens stress and enhances the quality of life. Accentuation on the amicable plan decreased expenses, and simplified processes that are of advantage to the entire community add to long term happiness.

Happy home

At 5AB Homes we strive to build sustainable & eco-friendly homes ideal for growing families and individuals. Contact us to get started with building your green home with 5AB Homes.

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Minimize Construction Waste

How to Minimize Construction Waste Materials

No other industry is closely linked to the state of the environment than the construction industry. For instance, research shows that an average home build produces about 8ooo pounds of waste. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Everyone in the construction industry can contribute to tackling this by reducing the amount of waste, using materials in a better way, and collecting waste for recycling. This simple change goes a long way in reducing the environmental impacts of construction as well as saving money. Let’s look at the three primary ways on how we can Minimize Construction Waste.

Reduce waste

Minimize Construction Waste – The first step to minimizing waste is aiming to reduce the amount of waste you create. This can be achieved by having a comprehensive plan before you start your building project to ensure fewer mistakes are made. According to research, a significant percentage of construction waste is generated simply by inefficient purchasing. Therefore, being involved early in a project, using standard sizes and quantities of materials and planning goes a long way in reducing waste.

Reuse existing material

Existing material represent a significant opportunity for “getting more for less “when well exploited in the construction industry. Construction managers can coordinate trade so that another can use leftover materials from one firm. For instance, gravel and concrete can be used for backfilling instead of purchasing additional dirt. When it is not possible to reuse the material on that particular project, ensure you return it to the supplier or donate.


Recycling existing materials often reduces the need for costly new materials. In any construction site, there are materials that you can recycle, such as papers, cardboard, and plastics. The first step to recycling is to sort out trash into different types such as wood, metal, concrete, and plastics. Locate containers close to your site such as wheelie bins and use clear signs to show which materials go in. Avoid throwing materials away just because they are not enough to complete a project.

Construction wastes pose a health concern to the public as well as reduce property values. Therefore, finding environmentally friendly ways to dispose of rubbish offer many benefits to the company and the surrounding community. You can maximize your waste potential by recycling and reusing to ensure no material are wasted or go to the landfill. For more details about new home construction, contact 5AB Homes!!!

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Floor plan for your new house, from 5AB Homes

How to choose the right floor plan for your new house?

Building a house can be an exciting journey which starts with choosing the location and the neighborhood. Next comes selecting the floor plan of the house. This is a major decision. A lot depends on this step. It will determine how you and your family will use the home, what will be your lifestyle, how your relationship with family members, friends, and outsiders will evolve. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to choose the right floor plan that will accommodate all your needs

What size the home should be?

The size of the home should be the first consideration in the process of floor planning. It will depend on the number of family members today along with a number of guests visit to your house. You may want to make provisions for the expansion of the family including children and grandparents in the future. This will determine the number of bedrooms required and the number of bathrooms that will be sufficient. Then think about how you would like to entertain and attend visitors. This will help you decide on the area to be allocated for living and dining space. Also, think about the kitchen and its size as the place where food for the family is cooked must be spacious and well-positioned. Additionally, you can consider the storage space you require or whether you need a garage and an outhouse or a servants’ quarter. The size of the house will also depend on whether you need workspace in your house, or whether you have a hobby or interest for which separate space is needed

How much privacy do you need and where?
When people build a house, they want more privacy for themselves. This is especially true for the master bedroom and the living area. If you are looking for a house with more privacy, then better go for a U or L shaped layout instead of an urban or a suburban lot. Placement of the windows also plays a big role in maintaining privacy.
Decide on the floor plan based on the layout

While going through different home designs, look for the ones that will be most functional for you and your family. Model homes may look attractive due to their decorations but try to strip them down to the basic layout state and judge whether they fit your needs.
Keep the budget in mind

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How Much Of My Bathroom Should I Tile?

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. This is the place where you go to shower and freshen up during the day, so you always want it to be at its best. But with time your bathroom may be worn out and old which is why you may consider a renovation. As part of your bathroom renovation, you want to consider tiling the walls. But the question you need to ask yourself is how much of my bathroom should I tile? Should you tile it all over, tile from floor to ceiling or wet areas such as around the shower? Because bathroom tiling is a skilled job it could be a costly project. The following factors will help you know how much of your bathroom you should tile.

Concentrate on the floor

While you are renovating your bathroom the first place you should focus on is the floor. Depending on your budget, you could choose to install marble tiles on your floor and ignore the walls. This will give your bathroom a luxurious look. The walls can be painted using a paint colour that matches the floor.

Floor to ceiling

If you are a tile lover, you can consider floor to ceiling tiling in case your budget allows. This look is modern and fresh and can be done in every size, shape, and colour. The floor to ceiling installation gives your bathroom a contemporary and clean look and you can make it your bathroom’s focal point.

Take it halfway

Another option is tiling your bathroom halfway. For example, you can choose to tile around your bathroom at shoulder length. On top of the wall tiles, you can paint it with a colour that blends with the wall.

Tile the basic items

You don’t have to do the above in case your budget does not allow. Instead, just tile the basic items in your bathroom. For example, you can tile the floor, basins and shower walls. You must get a professional tiler so that you can get the job done the well first time.

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Buying Your First Home in Australia? Here Is A Guide For You!

There are many people who have a great desire to purchase their dream house and spend their rest of life happily in it. If you are one of them and have decided to buy your first home in Australia, go through our suggestions before making any decision. 

Be Precise About Your Needs:

You cannot blindly purchase any home that you come across for the first time. There are several aspects that you should consider to get the best deal on your first home. This means that it is not just sufficient to say that you need a home with 2 or 3 bedrooms within the specific price range. Rather, you should be asking yourself several other questions such as location, a construction company to use, etc.

Buying Your First Home in Australia: What Factors To Consider?


When it comes to buying a new home, the foremost thing to consider is the location. Choose a location that fits your lifestyle and with proximity to schools, medical facilities, and other basic amenities.


This is one of the most crucial deciding factors that must be given the utmost consideration while buying your dream house. Think twice about how much you can afford as you are not just going to pay for the home, but should also cover the cost of tax, real estate agent fee, customisation and styling your home.


If you want to custom-build your home, you should hire an experienced home builders who has gained immense reputations in the industry. It is important to ensure that the builder whom you hire should be with you from the initial planning phase to the completion of construction works.

Floor Plan:

In order to end up with a home that exactly reflects your style and preferences, work out on a floor plan yourself. If you are not sure what suits you the most, you can expect the builder to do it for you. With an experience of working on similar projects like yours, they would design the best floor plan for you.

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Color psychology for the homes we build, by 5AB Homes

How to play with colors and apply color psychology?
Colors are an essential part of home design. It can be used in a couple of different ways to inspire emotions, create an illusion of space, or simply set the mood for a room. Color psychology is a unique way to create a healthy and creative home decor

Illusion of space
Bright colors make rooms look larger. If you have a small room paint it in a vibrant color to create an illusion of a larger room

Act as an appetizer
Researches have shown that the color red increases appetitive in most people. That is why most restaurants paint their dining rooms in different shades of red. You can also use the color red in the kitchen furniture and cabinets keeping the walls light

Reminding fond memories
We all have some colors that are related to some fond childhood memories. You those colors from the past in your room to take you back to those happy days

For soothing effects
Places like bathrooms should be painted with colors that relax your body and mind. It can be shades of blue or lavender or even green. Do remember, for better effect choose the darker shades of these colors.
Color of optimism

Yellow is the color that inspires optimism. Hence, use it in an entryway so that when you leave the house for a day’s work this color can provide you the needed optimism and energy for the hard day’s work.
Enhancing concentration

To increase your concentration, you the color green in your study area or home workspace. You will be able to work faster. But be careful not to overindulge in the color. It may make your workspace look like a jungle. Team it up with colors like white

Warming up the room
If you want a warm and romantic ambiance in your bedroom, go for deep tones using red, orange and yellow in your home paint decor

Cooling off effect
For a calm and serene atmosphere, apply blue and white

Playful Mood
Paint children’s room with multiple yet complementary bright colors for a jovial and playful mood

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Right furniture for your new house, by 5AB Homes

How to select the right furniture for your new house?
When it comes to furnishing your new house, you must be facing the dilemma of whether to use old furniture or to buy new ones. You can resolve the quandary just by asking yourself two questions: What do you want and how much can you spend? If you are short on budget, you can use the old furniture painting it differently or accessorizing them creatively. Or you can think of mixing old furniture with new ones and create a unique look. It all depends on how you want to decorate your house and your sense of aesthetics

On the other hand, if you have enough finance to do a proper furnishing then the sky is the limit for you. But a little caution is needed so that the money is put into buying the right furniture which can give a character to your house

Evaluate the existing furniture
As mentioned before, it is very important to take a hard cold look at the existing furniture and decide whether they can be reused or need replacement

What style do you want?
Unless you are a professional interior designer, it is better to choose from the following styles:

  • Traditional (old and antique looking furniture)
  • Casual (comfortable, wood, earthy)
  • Contemporary (sharp, angular, metallic)
  • Country or ethic (soft, floral, colorful)
  • Eclectic (ethnic, individualized)

Depending on what surrounding you want to enjoy, choose to decorate your room accordingly

Emphasis on functionality
Furniture is not for show but for use. Therefore, before purchasing any furniture think whether the piece is suitable with your lifestyle, and what purpose does that serve in your household. Buying furniture that is used seldom is a waste of money. Keep children and pets in mind while selecting furniture or their upholstery

Try to purchase furniture which requires minimum maintenance. Most of us lack the time to do clean furniture regularly. High maintenance furniture is a strict “no, no” if you cannot afford regular professional maintenance of them

Research before purchase
You can do a furniture research using TV shows, magazines, books, catalogs or websites before going to buy one. Compare the prices, see if they fit into your budget and take advantage of free services wherever you can. Believe in your taste and aesthetic sense. Never get persuaded by the salesperson or any other recommendations. You know best what you want and how you want to enjoy your house

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