Our Guarantees
We at 5AB Homes pave the road to high-quality and affordable housing, all with complete customer support.

Price Guarantee

With your hard-earned money at stake, it’s important that you are sure you are getting the bang for your buck. So, we at 5AB ensure that we provide the best prices in the housing market. We plan our construction projects with cost in mind. We hire efficient contractors to ensure that the material isn't wasted and that the project is completed promptly to prevent cost escalation.

Industry Experience

To ensure the highest quality builds, we utilize some of the newest and most cutting-edge construction technology applied to this field. But we also have years of exprience in the industry and are no stranger to traditional building methods. We use methods old and new to ensure quality, reduce construction time and costs. Our years of industry experience help us make each build better and better.

Quality Assurance

We work only with the finest materials and most skilled contractors. To do otherwise would go against the very core of our company values. We seek out the best quality materials which can be bought using the project budget, and our contractors are expected to produce nothing less than perfection.

After Care

The process doesn’t end after your new home is complete! We are always available and at your disposal for customer support and complaints. We will ensure that the issue is resolved at the earliest convenience.

Regular Inspections

Our dedicated team of inspectors monitors quality during the construction process and performs routine inspections after the build is completed. This will help in communicating any issues or plans for renovation or refurbishment. We will have your back long after our job is complete.

Quality Inspections

Our company prides itself on high-quality construction. However, we still adhere to a quality inspection program. During the project, a separate team of inspectors evaluates every aspect of the house's construction from planning to completion. So, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your home will stand the test of time.

Extended Warranty

To ensure we uphold our values of quality performance and customer satisfaction, we provide an extended warranty that differs from project to project. This warranty includes your newly constructed home and all major home systems.

Extended Maintenance

At 5AB, we provide the option of continued maintenance for a set number of years, all for a minimal cost.

Building Process
We lead the way when it comes to providing a comprehensive support to our customers.



  • Discuss wants, needs & wishes for your home.
  • Review home designs & construction process.
  • Visit display home.
  • Review and execute
  • Pre-build agreement and setup design consultations with architects.


Design Consultation

  • Work with 5AB Homes team to select architect partner.
  • 5AB Homes team to provide site review as needed.
  • Determine wants, needs & wishes for new home.
  • 5AB Homes team advices on design that best fits your goals & budget.
  • Confirm time to review & approve design.



  • Discuss design, specifications, finished plans and options with our estimator.
  • Begin preliminary selections with our selections coordinator.
  • Trade and vendor communications & negotiations.
  • Confirm time to review & finalize budget, construction contract, financing.



  • Secure permits.
  • Site preparation.
  • Project schedule developed & shared by our estimator.
  • Finalize selections with our selections coordinator & interior designer.
  • Confirm client site meetings during construction.


Warranty & After Care

  • Close of construction.
  • 90 days maintenance period.
  • 6.5 years structure warranty.
  • Completion of work.
  • Continuing after-care.