How to play with colors and apply color psychology?
Colors are an essential part of home design. It can be used in a couple of different ways to inspire emotions, create an illusion of space, or simply set the mood for a room. Color psychology is a unique way to create a healthy and creative home decor

Illusion of space
Bright colors make rooms look larger. If you have a small room paint it in a vibrant color to create an illusion of a larger room

Act as an appetizer
Researches have shown that the color red increases appetitive in most people. That is why most restaurants paint their dining rooms in different shades of red. You can also use the color red in the kitchen furniture and cabinets keeping the walls light

Reminding fond memories
We all have some colors that are related to some fond childhood memories. You those colors from the past in your room to take you back to those happy days

For soothing effects
Places like bathrooms should be painted with colors that relax your body and mind. It can be shades of blue or lavender or even green. Do remember, for better effect choose the darker shades of these colors.
Color of optimism

Yellow is the color that inspires optimism. Hence, use it in an entryway so that when you leave the house for a day’s work this color can provide you the needed optimism and energy for the hard day’s work.
Enhancing concentration

To increase your concentration, you the color green in your study area or home workspace. You will be able to work faster. But be careful not to overindulge in the color. It may make your workspace look like a jungle. Team it up with colors like white

Warming up the room
If you want a warm and romantic ambiance in your bedroom, go for deep tones using red, orange and yellow in your home paint decor

Cooling off effect
For a calm and serene atmosphere, apply blue and white

Playful Mood
Paint children’s room with multiple yet complementary bright colors for a jovial and playful mood