Kitchen is the place where most house owners, guests spend their time, trying out new dishes, slurping, and socialising. Moreover, it is the focal point of the home. So, you must ensure to tell your custom home builder about your kitchen design preferences. As technology has paved the way for the rise of modern homes, planning a kitchen design is vital. With various modular kitchens, smart kitchens stepping in the market, there are a variety of options to choose from. Moreover, nowadays, people look for minimal designs with natural light becoming an aspect of their overall kitchen design. Here, we have come up with popular kitchen trends, which might be useful for designing your kitchen in 2020.

Smart Kitchens


Technology in its full force had given rise to smart kitchens. When we say smart kitchen, it’s not just about the luxury faucets and cabinets, it’s about the functionality, and the efficiency it offers. Now, with the help of the smart kitchen, you can integrate the function of every kitchen appliance right from the refrigerator to the lighting, with voice commands and automatic on-off settings. You can thoroughly enjoy cooking in a smart kitchen. Also, the advent of smart gadgets and other kitchen devices is an added convenience for homeowners like you.

Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to a kitchen cabinet, people preferred white colour for its luxurious and homely appeal for decades. As we are in 2020, dark colour kitchen cabinets are gaining its popularity with subtle colours like plum, black, dark blue, and emerald-green portray full-on elegance and deep luxurious setup for your kitchen model. Choosing these types of colours for your kitchen would enhance its curb appeal to a great extent.


Hardwood floors are always popular in the kitchen. But quite recently, the Ceramic tile flooring has out beaten the competition, and many house owners now prefer ceramic tile flooring to make their kitchen set up look great. It comes with a variety of interesting patterns, where you can choose the floor type to match your wall paint colour.

Design Elements & Storage

When choosing the design elements, people are looking for minimal design elements to make their kitchen appear larger and brighter. You can streamline the design elements, and the storage spaces to keep your kitchen functional and easy. One of the basic foundations for an active kitchen is storage. If you don’t get it right, you will face endless frustrations. To put an end to this, you can organise your storage cabinet by using dividers and drawers to give space for your cutlery and utensils, use roll-out trays to keep your spice boxes, tissue papers, small spoons, and other essentials in a better way.

Backsplash Tiles

With small white back splash tiles are long gone; nowadays people look for big, textured back splashes for their kitchen. These come in different patterns and textures and are gaining popularity rapidly. You can include interesting back splash tiles to match your counter tops and kitchen flooring.

Bottom Line

We hope this upcoming kitchen trends 2020 will serve its best for your new custom home construction. By applying any of these trends, you are sure to have a beautiful kitchen that is functional and super-classy.

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