How to choose the right floor plan for your new house?

Building a house can be an exciting journey which starts with choosing the location and the neighborhood. Next comes selecting the floor plan of the house. This is a major decision. A lot depends on this step. It will determine how you and your family will use the home, what will be your lifestyle, how your relationship with family members, friends, and outsiders will evolve. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to choose the right floor plan that will accommodate all your needs

What size the home should be?

The size of the home should be the first consideration in the process of floor planning. It will depend on the number of family members today along with a number of guests visit to your house. You may want to make provisions for the expansion of the family including children and grandparents in the future. This will determine the number of bedrooms required and the number of bathrooms that will be sufficient. Then think about how you would like to entertain and attend visitors. This will help you decide on the area to be allocated for living and dining space. Also, think about the kitchen and its size as the place where food for the family is cooked must be spacious and well-positioned. Additionally, you can consider the storage space you require or whether you need a garage and an outhouse or a servants’ quarter. The size of the house will also depend on whether you need workspace in your house, or whether you have a hobby or interest for which separate space is needed

How much privacy do you need and where?
When people build a house, they want more privacy for themselves. This is especially true for the master bedroom and the living area. If you are looking for a house with more privacy, then better go for a U or L shaped layout instead of an urban or a suburban lot. Placement of the windows also plays a big role in maintaining privacy.
Decide on the floor plan based on the layout

While going through different home designs, look for the ones that will be most functional for you and your family. Model homes may look attractive due to their decorations but try to strip them down to the basic layout state and judge whether they fit your needs.
Keep the budget in mind