How to select the right furniture for your new house?
When it comes to furnishing your new house, you must be facing the dilemma of whether to use old furniture or to buy new ones. You can resolve the quandary just by asking yourself two questions: What do you want and how much can you spend? If you are short on budget, you can use the old furniture painting it differently or accessorizing them creatively. Or you can think of mixing old furniture with new ones and create a unique look. It all depends on how you want to decorate your house and your sense of aesthetics

On the other hand, if you have enough finance to do a proper furnishing then the sky is the limit for you. But a little caution is needed so that the money is put into buying the right furniture which can give a character to your house

Evaluate the existing furniture
As mentioned before, it is very important to take a hard cold look at the existing furniture and decide whether they can be reused or need replacement

What style do you want?
Unless you are a professional interior designer, it is better to choose from the following styles:

  • Traditional (old and antique looking furniture)
  • Casual (comfortable, wood, earthy)
  • Contemporary (sharp, angular, metallic)
  • Country or ethic (soft, floral, colorful)
  • Eclectic (ethnic, individualized)

Depending on what surrounding you want to enjoy, choose to decorate your room accordingly

Emphasis on functionality
Furniture is not for show but for use. Therefore, before purchasing any furniture think whether the piece is suitable with your lifestyle, and what purpose does that serve in your household. Buying furniture that is used seldom is a waste of money. Keep children and pets in mind while selecting furniture or their upholstery

Try to purchase furniture which requires minimum maintenance. Most of us lack the time to do clean furniture regularly. High maintenance furniture is a strict “no, no” if you cannot afford regular professional maintenance of them

Research before purchase
You can do a furniture research using TV shows, magazines, books, catalogs or websites before going to buy one. Compare the prices, see if they fit into your budget and take advantage of free services wherever you can. Believe in your taste and aesthetic sense. Never get persuaded by the salesperson or any other recommendations. You know best what you want and how you want to enjoy your house