How 5AB Homes Uses Builder trend software to Manage Your Custom Home Project

5AB Homes stands out as one of Melbourne’’s most trusted and acclaimed home builders, and therefore there’s a regular need to manage a huge number of custom home projects on any given day. So, you know how important it is to keep your schedule on track with regular updates and accurate deadlines.

Well, thanks to Builder trend software which has totally changed the concept of managing custom home projects? Builder trend is the leading cloud-based construction software for home builders, remodelers, and specialty contractors. Besides improving the processes of custom home builders, this cutting-edge software makes it easier for subcontractors to handle high job volumes.

Our company being one of the best custom home builders in Truganina, here’s how we employ Builder trend software to manage custom home projects:

1) Schedule: Schedules help you stay prepared at all times. Each project’s schedule can be accessed online and you’ll always be aware of when the timeline shifts. Builder trend’s home builder software keeps us informed of schedule updates, so we’re always in the loop.

2) Bidding and Estimating Process: Builder trend allows us to manage all of our customer contacts in one place, from initial inquiries to future projects with existing clients. All of our bidding and estimating processes are managed in Builder trend, including bid requests from prospects to multiple contractors.

3) Project Management: At 5AB Homes, we understand that when you ask for specific features in a specific way, they need to be done that way. By using Builder trend’s to-do system, we know what needs to be done throughout the day so that we don’t waste time waiting around. The scheduling feature allows us to share documents, videos, and photos with our customers, and the warranty option keeps track of all your home material warranties.

4) Files: With this software, file organization should never be a concern for you. With Builder trend, we can view and download documents, photos, and videos from your contractor. Everything we need is in one location and can be found quickly in the Subcontractor Portal with designated folders for each job.

5) Financial Tools and Features: Builder trend’s financial tools are integrated with our accounting system, and therefore, we receive automatic payment reminders and deadlines that you can pay online at your convenience. By using the budget tools in the software, we can keep track of our expenses as we go, enabling us to make decisions about economizing in certain areas or providing additional funding at the appropriate time.

6) Comments and Messages: With the collaborative features, we can collect job-specific information in real time and reduce unnecessary phone calls. With your existing email, you can easily manage communications and receive notifications directly to your phone.


Being a custom home builder in Truganina, and the ease with which 5AB Homes handles custom home projects is proof that Builder trend can be a vital tool for your team. Construction management software like Builder trend’s may become your most valuable technology asset in the future. 

Looking for a custom home builder in Truganina? Known for its quality and trustworthiness, 5AB Homes is Australia’s top home builder with a commitment to providing affordable custom projects that are versatile, flexible, and stylish.

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